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Nucleus Hives (nucs) available starting May, subject to weather and the start of the spring season. These are five frame nucs with brood, eggs, larva, pollen, honey and a bred queen with bees. Nucs will come in a disposable cardboard nuc box. All nucs for sale will have been inspected by the Provincial Apiculturist.

The price is $260 per nuc plus $10.40 paypal charge (Saskatchewan PST/GST  added at checkout)

They will be available starting May 2020.

Nucs are sold on a first come first serve basis and will require a deposit of $60 per nuc, so get your deposits in early. 

You may pick up your nucs in person, or, a drop off service can be provided if you are within a 10 km distance of the Saskatoon city limits (a $10 drop of fee is required).

If you are picking up your own nucs: be advised that they are live bees. Appropriate transportation is your responsibility. Keeping the bees cool and well ventilated is necessary. Transporting nucs in the trunk of a car is not recommended. The back of an open box truck or an open trailer, with walls to break the wind, are the best forms of transport.

Please note: picture in web store is an example of a bee Nuc. Yours may not be exactly as pictured.

Please include your name and contact information including email and telephone number. Balance of purchase price due prior to pickup

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