Honey Bee in Dandelions

Grassland Honey is a privately run apiary located in Saskatchewan, a short 10 minute drive south of the beautiful city of Saskatoon. 

We are not a large anonymous corporation. We work our own hives, harvest, and package our own honey. 

The business was started and is owned  by Bruce Hanbidge a retired biologist and Canadian military veteran.

This area of Saskatchewan is in the moist mixed grassland eco-region. It is an area of flat to rolling grasslands predominately converted to croplands for cereals, oilseed, and forage. 

Predominate crops in the region are canola and alfalfa which provide the perfect environment for bees to thrive on and produce a light coloured, mild flavoured honey.

All Grassland Honey is produced in this region. It is raw, un-pasteurized and tastes absolutely fantastic. 

In addition to selling nucs we  have a limited amount of honey available for retail sale throughout the year.

If you have any inquires please get in touch.

Bruce Hanbidge

Beekeeper and owner of Grassland Honey