Bee Nucs for Sale                                                                                                                     

2022 Nucs are sold out

we will be posting Nuc sign up formfor your 2023 season orders in  

November 2022

NUCS  (2022 prices): $260 plus tax for Nuc orders of 50 and over 5$ discount per Nuc

prices may change from year to year, nucs are available in Canada only, any orders 

outside of  the province of Saskatchewan must provide provincial permit information prior to pickup

Nucleus Hives (nucs) available for pickup starting May , subject to weather and the start of the spring season. These are five frame nucs with brood, (two frames brood and bees), eggs, larva, pollen, honey and a bred queen.

Nucs will come in a disposable cardboard nuc box. All nucs for sale come from hives inspected by the Provincial Apiculturist.

The price per nuc is $260  (plus tax and any paypal fees if paypal is used )  They will be available starting May.

Nucs are sold on a first come first serve basis and will require a deposit of $100 per nuc, so get your deposits in early. We sold out very quickly last year.


1. Deposit will secure your order as there will be a limited number available for sale.  (Deposits are only refundable under certain circumstances)

2.  Out of province customers must provide apiary registration number for import requirements

3.  we are not set up for cellular telephone e-transfers and they will not be accepted

You may pick up your nucs in person or, a drop off service can be provided if you are within a 10 km distance of the Saskatoon city limits 

(a $10 drop off fee is required).

If you are picking up your own nucs: be advised that they are live bees. Appropriate transportation is your responsibility. Keeping the bees cool and well ventilated is necessary.  We normally meet you at a central location in the cool part of the day  just south of Saskatoon for pickups as the bee yard is not accessible for customers.

Transporting nucs in the trunk of a car is not recommended. The back of an open box truck or an open trailer, with walls to break the wind, are the best forms of transport.


1. fill out the online form (when available) and send a standard  e-transfer deposit  of 100$ per Nuc. There are no passwords involved as we have auto deposit) 

 The Etransfer is addressed to applicable taxes for entire cost of Nuc will be calculated and applied to final payment

Some alternate forms of payment are possible please inquire with us